Our mission is simple:

To unlock the power of AI with the best human-quality, high-quality data.

By fueling machine learning understand, process, and generate human language, vision and speech, we’re not just enhancing business performance – we’re driving the next wave of human-machine collaboration… and even how we humans will communicate and interact with each other.

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Our team is distributed throughout the world. It is a dynamic mix of linguists, data scientists, and artificial intelligence experts. We are passionate about language, computer vision, speech processing, and pattern recognition and its potential to reshape the technological landscape and 21st-century society. By leveraging sophisticated machine learning algorithms and linguistic expertise, we collect, curate, augment and turn raw data into meaningful training data sets and transform interactions between humans and AI.

At NLPC, we are committed to innovation, research, and customer success.
Join us in our journey as we continue to explore the infinite possibilities of Natural Language Processing. At NLPC, we're helping transform words into actions, images into vision, and speech into spoken words and understanding.
We help data to be turned into progress.

Our Values

We support and actively subscribe to Ethical AI along our data manufacturing, collection and curation process.

Fair pay

We pay our suppliers fair rates and subscribe to Ethical AI principles so you build Artificial Intelligence solutions across the whole of your supply chain.


The processes and decisions made by AI systems should be clear, understandable, and explainable. This helps users to understand how a specific decision or output is arrived at by the AI.


AI systems must avoid biases leading to unfair outcomes or discrimination. AI should treat everyone equally and make decisions based on factual data rather than subjective biases.

Privacy and Security

AI systems should respect users' privacy. This means they should not collect or use personal data without the user's consent. Protecting the privacy and data of individuals is paramount in Ethical AI. It involves using proper data anonymization techniques, ensuring data security, and adhering to all relevant data protection laws and regulations.


There should be a way to hold those responsible for developing and using AI systems accountable for their actions. This means there should be clear guidelines and procedures for addressing ethical concerns.

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What they say

Maite Melero Leader ML Group

Thanks to the tons of parallel corpora, we have been able to grow our engines and scale accuracy at a speed and rate unseen before.

European Data and NLP Company COO

Thank you for your efforts on computer vision image acquisition and language corpora from human translation. NLPC's regular supplies are fundamental to our business

Laurent Bié Senior Data Scientist

NLPC has been pivotal in the acquisition of trustable parallel corpora and speech data in Asian languages. We have freed internal resources as NLPC turns around thousands of human translation and speech recordings improving our training times.