Speech Data Sets and Speech Annotation

Our speech engineers can coordinate hours of speech data sets recording or mine from our extensive IP-free stock and supply with both spontaneous human recordings, dialogs, create synthetic speech data sets, or scripted recordings. We can also extract meaning from raw audio to advance your Machine Learning or NLP project.

From key information extraction to sentiment analysis, we can help you unlock the hidden insights contained within human speech in +80 languages to power your speech recognition algorithms and machine learning models with high-quality speech data sets.

What is speech recognition data?

Speech recognition data means the audio samples or recordings of human speech that are used to train a voice recognition system. Audio data is typically accompanied with a transcription of the speech and other metadata (minutes and seconds, whether the speaker is male of female, age, dialect or accent, etc.)
Both the audio files together with the transcription are fed to the Machine Learning algorithms as “the data set”. The system learns how to identify the acoustics of certain speech sounds while mapping them to words.
There are indeed many readily available sources of speech data, including public speech corpora or pre-packaged datasets, but as a serious developer, you will need a serious data vendor to collect your own, specific speech data to customize your speech dataset with variables like language, speaker demographics, audio requirements (mobile phones with background noise or home microphone conditions), among other variables.
The collected speech data needs to be annotated for further training of the speech recognition model.

Our Speech Data Processing Expertise

All our speech projects deliver high-quality speech data by native speakers, together with a script.

Types of Audio or Speech Annotation

Speech annotation is the process of adding metadata to spoken language data. This metadata can include a transcription of the spoken words, as well as information about the speaker’s gender, age, dialect or accent, and several other features such as the recording conditions, etc.
There are several different types of speech or audio annotation, including


The process of transcribing spoken words into written text.

Dialog act annotation

The process of labeling the types of actions that are being performed in a conversation, such as asking a question or making a request.

Speaker identification

The process of identifying and labeling the speaker in an audio recording.

Speech emotion recognition

The process of identifying and labeling emotions that are expressed through speech, such as happiness, sadness, or anger.

Acoustic event detection

The process of identifying and labeling specific sounds or events in an audio recording, such as the sound of a car horn or the sound of a person speaking.

These are just a few examples of the types of speech or audio annotation that NLPC can perform.
The specific types of annotation you require will depend on the needs and goals of your speech recognition system being developed. The quality of the speech annotation has a real impact on the accuracy of the system and can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process – but it is money well invested when the results go beyond expectations!

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What they say

Maite Melero Leader ML Group

Thanks to the tons of parallel corpora, we have been able to grow our engines and scale accuracy at a speed and rate unseen before.

European Data and NLP Company COO

Thank you for your efforts on computer vision image acquisition and language corpora from human translation. NLPC's regular supplies are fundamental to our business

Laurent Bié Senior Data Scientist

NLPC has been pivotal in the acquisition of trustable parallel corpora and speech data in Asian languages. We have freed internal resources as NLPC turns around thousands of human translation and speech recordings improving our training times.