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Try NLPC to translate into any of the 7,000 of the world’s languages! Which one do you need?

Because we know communication is human, NLPC guarantees the highest quality in human translation translations.

Over 35,000 certified native translators

Expert and professional translation

Cultural adaptations to your target audience



Fast turnaround

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Translations into any language in the world and a large network of experienced and professional translators

Post-editing or "Human in the Loop" option

Our team of expert translators can speed up the translation process and maintain human quality by adding the machine translation input you wish: general engines or your own machine translation to reinforce its own style.
Native translators post-edit your content to achieve the quality that MT alone cannot and create a virtuous training cycle.

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We Understand You

Our team is made up of Machine Learning and Deep Learning engineers, linguists, software personnel with years of experience in the development of machine translation and other NLP systems.

We don’t just sell data – we understand your business case.

Extend Your Team

Our worldwide teams have been carefully picked and have served hundreds of clients across thousands of use cases, from the from simple to the most demanding.

Quality that Scales

Proven record of successfully delivering accurate data in a secure way, on time and on budget. Our processes are designed to scale and also change with your growing needs and projects.

Predictability through subscription model

Do you need a regular influx of annotated data services? Are you working on a yearly budget? Our contract terms include all you need to predict ROI and succeed thanks to predictable hourly pricing designed to remove the risk of hidden costs.

Ready to get started? We are.

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What they say

Maite Melero Leader ML Group

Thanks to the tons of parallel corpora, we have been able to grow our engines and scale accuracy at a speed and rate unseen before.

European Data and NLP Company COO

Thank you for your efforts on computer vision image acquisition and language corpora from human translation. NLPC's regular supplies are fundamental to our business

Laurent Bié Senior Data Scientist

NLPC has been pivotal in the acquisition of trustable parallel corpora and speech data in Asian languages. We have freed internal resources as NLPC turns around thousands of human translation and speech recordings improving our training times.