Speech data sets

Voice /Speech Data for Machine Learning

Building Ethical AI into all our data processes is at the heart of what we do. We legally collect voice / speech data from our multilingual pool of talent distributed around the world so you can train and improve your Automatic Speech Recognition systems (ASR). Audio annotation is optional with a team skilled in understanding and interpreting accents, locales, complex expressions or nuanced language.

Our Workforce Strategy

Voice /Speech Data for Machine Learning

NLPCONSULTANCY provides a Speech Data Software Platform and Services to increase the accuracy of speech recognition and speech to text systems to enhance the capabilities of your Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) models.

We are one-stop solution for Speech Models

With NLPC, not only you can order to create specific speech data sets to be recorded, but you can also, verify or manage them online through our easy online platform, verifying how our crowd of recording talent is doing. 

How you can create custom Speech Data Sets with NLPC

  • NLPC collects original in-domain samples and records them

We can run speech data collection services in the domain you desire (social media, dialogs, messaging, healthcare domain, email-type of communications, etc.) and set up a recording workflow via our mobile phone apps or computer access to our platform, according to your specifications.

  • Client provides original scripts to be recorded (Text to Speech)

If you have a particular need (long sentences, specific word utterings, specific accents or specific age groups), we can take your original script and set up a recording workflow via our mobile phone apps, computer access to our platform or both, according to your specifications.

  • Our stock parallel data (own repositories)

NLPC has acquired exclusive rights over some speech data from translation companies. These recordings have been duly anonymized, augmented, segmented and shuffled so that the resulting speech corpus is completely free of copyright and IP. In addition, NLPC has added its own speech data resulting from its ongoing stock creation.

Speech Data Annotation

NLPC provides complex, clean and exhaustive data annotated files for your algorithms to grow strong and wise.

Speech to Text Datasets

Train models to understand both content and context with our Natural Language Processing (NLP) workflows
As easy as ordering pizza! High quality, volume and speed text data delivered up to 10 times faster than our competition. Our work is guaranteed and is of the highest quality. “Chihuahua” the state or “Chihuahua” the dog? Our annotators consider the context to thwart possible ambiguity.
With more than half a million contributors worldwide, we make sure that only native speakers make annotations in the text.


NLPC speech data can be used for a variety of applications, including speech recognition, language modeling, sentiment analysis, and more. Our data can help companies and researchers develop and train algorithms that can accurately understand and process spoken language, opening up new possibilities for automation, communication, and analysis.

Custom Data Requests

In addition to our extensive dataset, we also offer custom data requests. If you have a specific language or dialect that you need data for, we can work with you to create a custom dataset that meets your needs. Our team of language experts can collect, label, and deliver the data you need quickly and efficiently, ensuring that you have the resources you need to succeed.

NLPC Speech Data

Our speech data is carefully collected and labeled by our team of language experts, ensuring that it is accurate, reliable, and useful for a variety of applications. Our Speech data set includes speech data in a variety of formats, including audio files and transcriptions, and covers a wide range of real life topics and contexts.

Text to Speech Datasets

Get copyright free / open source audio collected and transcribed for ML training with NLPC. Receive both the audio + Transcription in an easy cloud delivery format or API that enables your company to scale. 
We offer our customers a fast and clean source of Training Data Sets to improve ASR performance without the hassle of generating, collecting, processing audio.
Avoiding complexities of data ownership, providing a product compatible with the GDPR / CCPA regulation.

Speech Data Pricing

Our pricing varies depending on the size and scope of your project. We offer flexible pricing options and can work with you to find a solution that fits your budget and timeline. We believe that access to high-quality speech data should not be limited by cost, and we strive to make our data as accessible as possible.

Why Choose Us


We Understand You

Our team is made up of Machine Learning and Deep Learning engineers, linguists, software personnel with years of experience in the development of machine translation and other NLP systems.

We don’t just sell data – we understand your business case.

Extend Your Team

Our worldwide teams have been carefully picked and have served hundreds of clients across thousands of use cases, from the from simple to the most demanding.

Quality that Scales

Proven record of successfully delivering accurate data in a secure way, on time and on budget. Our processes are designed to scale and also change with your growing needs and projects.

Predictability through subscription model

Do you need a regular influx of annotated data services? Are you working on a yearly budget? Our contract terms include all you need to predict ROI and succeed thanks to predictable hourly pricing designed to remove the risk of hidden costs.